Manu Adventure Tour 5 Days

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For begin the Manu Adventure Tour we leave from Cusco in our comfortable bus, ascending to the folkloric town of Paucartambo. On the way we visit the Pre Incas funeral towers of Ninamarca. Then we drive through the impressive cloud forest full of plants and beautiful orchids, here we take our first hike and we have the chance to observe the Peru´s national bird-Cock of the Rocks (Rupicola Peruviana), monkeys and many different species of birds. With luck the only South American bear-the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos Ornatus). In the evening we arrive to Pilcopata, we sleep in a typical lodge. Showers and toilets shared.

We have a big mamals lick we can find tapir,peccaries,capyparas with luck jaguars.In the morning after a delicious breakfast, the bus transfers the group to the port of Atalaya, where the adventure begin by motorized boat, to aguas calientes through the Alto Madre de Dios river (4 hours), you can bath in naturals hot springs and swim on the river . In our journey you will appreciate amazing landscapes, enjoy also warm climate of the rain forest. In the afternoon we have a walk explore in the jungle for few hours in order to see caimans (Caiman Crocodylus), birds and medicinal plants, (we sleep in tents).

This day, we start early by boat, in order to return to the next lodge Buena Vista, we can enjoy beautiful sunsets on this trip also. Beside the river we can observe the largest rodent in the world-capybara (Hidrochaeris). We have different activities in the afternoon, and also a night walk to observe frogs, toads, insects, bats and snakes.

Very early in the morning. We take the boat for aproximaly 25 minutes to the parrots lick , where we can see the green parrots and also some birds or small animals .after to see parrots we will come back to the lake Machuhuasi where there are balsa rafts to go along the lake for 2 hours. Where you can see other species of bird like hoatzin, then we will walk one hour inside the jungle. Nigh in Lodge.

Early morning we take the boat for 20 minutes, down the stream to the parrots lick, we are going to observe the green parrots, blue headed parrot (Pionus Menstrus), mealy parrot (Amazona farinosa), chestnut-fronted macaw (Ara severa)and some others, returning to the lodge, we pack after breakfast, the boat will take us to the port of Atalaya. Our bus will be waiting to ride us back to the city of Cusco.
Optional: We can sleep the day 4th in Mirador lodge according the group or weather condition.

WHAT IS INCLUDED In Manu Adventure Tour 5 Days:

  • Private bus and motorized boat.
  • Rubber boots.
  • All camping equipment.
  • Specialized bilingual guide.
  • Mineral water during the trip.
  • First-aid kit.
  • 3 meals per day and snacks.
  • Entrance to the Natural hot springs.
  • Lodges and campsites.
  • Excellent cook service.


  • First breakfast
  • Cola and beer.

Recommendations (Optional Services):

  • Binoculars.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Mosquito repellent (50% DEET C.).
  • Camera and flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Sun block.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Extra money to buy beverage and souvenirs.
  • Daypack and rain gear (poncho).
  • Water bottle or canteen.
  • Sandals, swimming suit and towels.
  • Shirt long sleeve and long pants.

Small Group:(02-06ppl Average – 10ppl Maximum) / (Includes All as well as a Private Bus and Boat to Explore better)

Price is based on number of people departing that date, so we will advertise to get more people and make the price cheaper.

Price per person ( From 2-3 persons) US$700 & Students/Children US$550 / Private Bus & Boat included /
Price per person ( From 4-6 & more persons) US$650 & Students /Children US$500 / Private Bus & Boat included /
Price per person ( From 7-10 & more persons) US$500 & Students/Children US$450 / Private Bus & Boat included /
Please, if you are group over 06ppl let us know to get a discount of US$40 each.

Please Note: If you are 02 we can open a New group and Leave any day you suit.

We need at least 02 of you and Leave any day you suit. All Departures 100% Guaranteed If You’re Booked, You are Going !!! To Confirm and Secure the Permits. Send us your personal information as well as a deposit of US$100 and you are ready to go.

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Please, Prices are Based On number of people departing that date. we will advertise to get more people and make the price lower/Please, note: We will Never pass you onto another operator or share service with other companies as most agencies do here.